Roblox Admin Commands List 2020 – Gear Codes/VIP Script/Hacks

Make your game more fun with this list of Roblox Admin Commands 2020.


Roblox Admin Commands List 2020 - All the commands you need

If you didn’t know already, Roblox is a platform where users can create and play their 3D games with other users online. It advertises itself as an imagination platform in the world of gaming. Today we will be showing you a variety of useful Roblox Admin Commands List of 2020.

With time its popularity is increasing and for now, has almost 200 million registered users. Since 2007 it has been there in the market. The most important things to know is regarding script commands and gear codes if you are new to this as these are used to:

  • Perform different tasks in games that you design.

Just enter the command in the chatbox and see wonders.

The primary function of the platform is:

  • To socialize.

Users are encouraged to make new friends; the website allows its users to:

  • Interact
  • Imagine
  • Play
  • Chat
  • Create

It also allows users to create another world of games with friends or virtual explorers.

What are Roblox Admin Commands

Roblox Admin Command Gear Codes

These can be created; however, the process is a bit complicated, especially when you know nothing about writing codes. The first person to make them called Person299, who created it back in 2008. This was one of the most used scripts in the game up to this day. The actual ones he made are not active now.

Roblox Admin Commands (2020 List) – VIP Scripts, Gear Codes and Hacks

Roblox Admin Commands Script

Access then by typing: cmd. in the chatbox. Following are the most used ones:

  • Unsmoke – Turns off smoke.
  • Bighead – Make the player’s head bigger.
  • Minihead – Make the player’s head smaller in size.
  • Normal head – Returns head back to its original size.
  • Sit – Make the player sit.
  • Trip – Make the player trip.
  • Admin – Allow players to use the command script.
  • Unadmin – Player loses the ability to use the command.
  • ScriptFire – Starts the fire.
  • Unfire – Stops the fire.
  • Jump – Makes the player jump.
  • Kill – Kills the player.
  • Loopkill – Kills the player again and again.
  • Ff – Creates a force field around the player.
  • Unff – Erases the force field.
  • Sparkles – Makes the player sparkly.
  • Unsparkles – It nullifies the sparkles command.
  • Smoke – It creates smoke around the player.

Some others are listed below:

  • Unjail – Cancel the effects of jail.
  • Respawn – Bring player back to life.
  • Givetools – Player receives Roblox Starter Pack tools.
  • Removetools – Remove tools of the player.
  • Zombify – It turns the player into an infectious zombie.
  • Freeze – Freezes player in place.
  • Explode – Make the player explode.
  • Merge – allows one player to control the other player.
  • Control – Gives control over another.
  • PlayerVisible – Player becomes visible.
  • Invisible – Player disappears.
  • God Mode – Player becomes impossible to kill and becomes dead to everything in-game.
  • UnGod Mode – The player returns to normal mode.
  • Kick – Kicks player from the game.
  • Fix – Fixes a broken script.
  • Jail – It puts the player into prison.

From the website, users can also find command packages that can be downloaded all for free. These are unavailable in the game till you install the packages. One of the most popular and commonly used is Kohl’s Admin Infinite which is the successor of the previous ones that are no more available.

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How to Use Roblox Admin Commands?

How to Use Roblox Admin Commands

More than 300 commands can be used by the player in-game. It includes the following:

  • Customs.
  • Batch.
  • Anti-exploit.
  • Bans.

The user also gets a custom chat and command bar. Other packs are also available at the website you need to buy and download them and then experiment them in the game to make your gaming experience much more controllable.

They are pretty easy to use all you have to do is to press the (~) and type the above as required.

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Roblox Command Script

This allows specific users to perform particular actions in the game by using commands that are provided through chat or Graphic User Interface text box toggled by a hotkey. Many have been associated with the username, and most of them give creator administrative powers in place that uses them.

Frameworks for them are becoming advanced and cryptic as users tend to hide their name and develop easy ways to modify frameworks.

Below are some great examples:

  • HD Admin (Provides useful insights): An open-source admin which receives the regular update and is worked on by top community figures like ForeverHD and 1waffle1.
  • Kohl’s Admin Infinite (my choice): This has been disliked due to replacing script’s admin completely and having fewer functions; such as bans and admins that go server-to-server.
  • Adonis (This makes it to be undetectable): Admin script and anti-exploit that was created by Sceleratis and was given in 2020 to Davey_Bones.

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Roblox Admin Commands FAQ’s

Roblox Admin Commands Download

Can you download it?

It is totally your choice to make. You can save it as a text file or even a PDF.

Can another player hack Admin Commands?

Some admins have shown their worry regarding this that it can happen and like this, the other player can take over the game, but the user should not worry about this as it is next to impossible. The only way to do this is when the original admin provides the user with access to the list.

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Are these safe to run?

Players from around the globe create millions of 3D games. Different creators and admins came up with new ones, but all of them were not tested.

Note: If you are new to the game, then it is highly recommended that you stick to the list that has been mentioned above as they are easy to use. Once you experiment how things work in the games, you can experiment with new ones and try writing your own too.

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Final Word

These were all the Roblox commands list 2020 that will keep you a step ahead of your competitor. These include Gear codes and a VIP Script. It’s the full package to make you make the most out of this game.

Do let us know below in the comments if you like any funny or chat orientated versions, and we will also publish those for you.


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