Windows 11 ISO 32-Bit/64-Bit Full Version Free Download (2020 Concept)

Direct Download Link for Windows 11 Full Version along with the release date and installation guidance.


Windows 11 ISO 32-Bit/64-Bit Full Version Free Download 2020

The world moves very fast. Technology is changing, and every year new processors and operating systems are being released, e.g. Mac OS and Linux. Microsoft is one of the pioneers which has now released the Windows 11 ISO that you can free download for the full version in 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions.

This is a concept by which we have designed from the ground-up thinking what the next-generation of OS will be like. We have taken various aspects into accounts such as system resources needed, gaming abilities, price and even a potential release date.

Why Upgrade to Windows 11 in the first place?

As you choose to upgrade system begins to download it. The choice of creating installation medium passes via intermediate screens. Its installation is necessary when you want to upgrade the system with the old OS or when you have to re-install due to significant issues. We recommend that you do not install its disk image to third-party sites or peer to peer download sites as it might not be authentic.

Microsoft now offers users to download the ISO image of the latest version directly to these servers plus charge user to have a license key. For links visit:

Microsoft Software Downloads Site

If you have it already, then you shall be redirected towards media creation tool, this allows user to download ISO from it directly. Thus it is required to go through another operating system and produce a medium for installation that can be either USB or DVD. This shall be used to start a blocked network.

You first need to select a language and specify architecture (32 or 64 bits). Check the box “Use the recommended options for this PC”, so choices of the system users are applied.

64-bit is more potent as the processor has a large memory than 32-bit. All processors cannot operate in 64-bit architecture. You can get all such information on the system in properties. When the system is blocked, it is possible to choose two architectures, download, however, is longer.

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Changes in Windows 11 Startup Screen and BIOS

Windows 11 Download and Install

This is a program associated with the motherboard of the system used to launch the OS and keeps its memory where the system is located. We can change its location and ask to launch it from USB or DVD. This action needs to occur as soon as the system starts before the launch takes place.

The access varies from system to system. Common keys are F2, F9, F10 or the delete key. By providing exact references, documentation of BIOS, you can retrieve on the internet to have an absolute answer without multiplying tests by alternatively pressing each of the possible keys. Here is how you can create custom keyboard Macros in Windows 10, for those interested.

It carries its particularities, display and keys for interactivity. Ergonomics is reminiscent of the late 20th century. However, launching from USB or DVD is relatively easy.

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Installation of Windows 11 from USB

With media creation tools users can also create a USB stick for installing purposes. Accept the license agreement by hitting the accept button. We have a detailed tutorial on creating bootable flash drives which I recommended giving a thorough read. Alternatively, we also have one for Chrome OS depending on your needs.

Windows 11 Official ISO Image

A word of advice:

Microsoft provides with legitimate download source which is easy to use and please do not download it elsewhere. It may tempt you to get a free pirated version that boasts a lack of need for a product key, but it adds the risk of being confronted with something not expected.

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Windows 11 New Features (Concept Design)

Microsoft Windows 11 Features

  • Start menu and real desktop

It reinstates real menu button close that in windows 7. Modern UI dedicated to tabs disappears on non-touch terminals with keyboard and mouse.

  • Continuum mode

It switches from desktop to touch mode depending on configuration; tab or laptop, a function designed for hybrid terminals.

  • Create multiple virtual desktops

This allows users to have different offices according to their needs. This is great for people who are testing their apps on various platforms such as developers or programmers.

  • Cortana Voice assistant – More AI and ML capabilities

This allows users to launch by text or voice, local or web searches and also to manage its calendar and schedule.

  • New Applications

It comes with a new browser called Edge; modern than internet explorer. Also has a new notification centre and optimized integration with office 365 through OneDrive.

  • Universal Apps

These are introduced in all versions and are offered through unified windows store. It targets both desktop and mobile.

  • New security features – Encryption at the heart

It carries multi-factor authentication, data protection and bio-metric authentication including facial through windows hello.

  • New Design Concept

This is called Microsoft fluent design system, which is more intuitive. It results in more animated GUI, which is enhanced with depth effects and transparent app windows.

  • Cloud Clipboard – A very handy feature

This is making it easier to copy and paste between devices. It also includes a new icon to associate smartphone to his system to have continuity of tasks between devices.

  • Timeline – Full of history

This allows returning to previous windows state and finding apps, files or opened sites. It is accessible through all machines attached to the same windows account. This, for now, supports some apps.

  • Pin contacts to Taskbar

New shortcuts known as My People allow launching Skype conversation faster or sharing files.

  • Story Remix

Allows pre-editing of videos or slideshows based on recognizing photos. Basically your built-in Sony Vegas Pro.

  • Near Share – No more flash drives needed

Allows users to exchange files between terminals through Bluetooth or wifi wireless communication network protocols. For now, it supports windows devices.

  • eSIM Support – Have 4G and 5G at hand

It supports pre-integrated SIM cards to prevent 4G users from going through store box to activate telecom subscription. To get connection associate user’s cloud profile with its package; a service called Always Connected.

  • Improved Eye Control – Windows Hello is faster

Comes with an eye-tracking control features which work only for the moment with Swede Tobii Eye Tracker 4C reticle sensor.

  • Advanced Windows Defender Exploit Guard

Mitigation experience toolkit has been enhanced with windows defender exploit guard anti-piracy module.

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Why Windows 11 is great for gamers

Windows 11 Concept Design

  • This is the perfect choice for ones who are concerned with the security of commercial data and have a limited number of devices.
  • For players, it allows syncing XBOX live accounts.
  • The game mode is there to provide improved performance for the game and to stream to Mixer streaming without using third-party software.
  • Carries apps to increase productivity like mails, maps, calendar, movies and TV and photos.

This is all standard PC user needs and can find familiar windows environment.

Windows 11 32-Bit ISO Explained

Windows 11 32-Bit ISO Download

If you need an assistant for your small business, then get it on your system as it provides with all the required features, same gaming benefits and productivity apps as with Windows 11 Home.

  • Carries Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Windows update for business; free service.
  • Security tools those are perfect for professional, including multi-players protection.
  • Rigorous programs of updates which prevent devices from falling behind in the field of privacy and security.
  • Includes apps like Device Guard and Secure Boot which make sure devices are not hacked by malware, provide increased security which is valuable to customers.
  • Bitlocker; encryption tool which allows user to all their data carriers.
  • It is ideal for businesses that use Choose Your Own Device; program that allows employees to choose from different devices like tabs, smartphones which have been pre-approved by the company.

Ultimate Argument: It is aimed for small businesses and computer enthusiasts, but it can be used by standard users as well without considering added features.

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Windows 11 64-Bit ISO Explained

Windows 11 64 Bit ISO Download

  • This is an extension for Windows 11 Pro which introduces Microsoft updates regarding business ad provide access to updates to long term servicing branch (LTSB). It allows companies to provide security updates to it without changing the way version 11 works. It is best in situations where it is not possible to teach a new tool to a large group of employees.
  • Two versions are available for purchase that is E3 and E5. First, it carries features that are mentioned above, along with Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack; allows employers to manage their employee’s system virtually. The other one offers all that E3 gives it but along with that provides access to an enhanced version of windows defender known as windows defender advanced threat protection.

Ultimate Argument: This one is designed for medium to large businesses and structures but keeps in mind that volume licensing and security features are not fit for personal use.

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Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 Release Date

Please note that there is no official release date! This is only a CONCEPT designed by us of what MS way release in the future as a next-gen OS. We guess that the release date possibly can be around September 2021.

Windows 11 Skin Pack

People were requesting that we create a skin pack with the above images or wallpapers to represent this new design. Currently, it is not available. However, we do have a Windows 7 Skin pack to install on Windows 10.

Windows 11 Concept Video

Windows 11 Concept

Credits: Avdan.

Download Windows 11 ISO 32-Bit/64-Bit Free Full Version (2020 Update)

I hope you have enjoyed the Windows 11 ISO free download in full version for 32-bit and 64-bit. This concept OS has taken us over two weeks to plan, design and test before publishing here. We have also shed some light on the release date and what plans Microsoft has about such a release above.

System Requirements

  1. CPU: Dual Core 2.4 GHz Intel or AMD Ryzen.
  2. RAM: 4 GB or above of free-memory.
  3. Disk: 20 GB of storage for base-installation.
  4. GPU: Built-in eGPU or dedicated Nividia GTX or RTX for enhanced 3D view mode.

Disclaimer: This is only a “Concept Design” which we created. It is not an official release or announcement from Microsoft. Windows 11 currently does NOT exist. TechRadar confirmed that this might not be happening in a statement.


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