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BlueBorne Free Download - Hacking Bluetooth Devices is now easy
Download BlueBorne – Bluetooth Hacking App and Software

This an attack vector in which hackers leverage Bluetooth connection to peel in and take control over the device. The attack can affect:

  • Computer systems.
  • Mobile devices.
  • IoT devices.

For BlueBorne Free Download to work, the targeted device does not need to be paired with the attacker’s device or set on discoverable mode. Eight zero-day vulnerabilities have been identified by Armis lab, which indicates potential and existence of this. Moreover, they believe more vulnerabilities are yet to be discovered in different platforms. All these are operational and can be exploited. This attack can cause:

It comes in two versions including BlueBorne for Windows 10/8/7 and BlueBorne for Android (APK)! Both are freeware and have very similar functions across these two platforms!

We shall start now…

How BlueBorne Works

How BlueBorne Hacking Tool Works

It carries many qualities which have a terrible effect when combined. It targets the weakest spot in the network’s defence plus the only one that is not protected by any security measure by spreading through the air.

As it spreads through the air from one device to the other, it can be infectious. As Bluetooth process comes with some high privileges on all OS thus exploiting it would provide full control over the device virtually.

All these set of capabilities are incredibly desirable to a hacker, unfortunately. This attack can the server any malicious object like:

  • Cyber espionage.
  • Data theft.
  • We are creating large botnets out of IoT devices such as Mirai Botnet or mobile devices with recent WireX Botnet.

It surpasses the capabilities of most attack vectors by penetrating air-gapped networks that are disconnected from any other system, including the internet.

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How to Use BlueBorne for Bluetooth Hacking

How to Use BlueBorne

It can affect devices with such capabilities. Bluetooth is seemed to be the most widespread protocol for short-range of communication and used by all kinds of devices from regular systems to IoT devices like watches, cars and even medical appliances.

The attack is under much concern due to the medium it operates. It does not depend upon the internet but spreads through the air. This works like two less extensive vulnerabilities that are recently discovered in Broadcom Wifi chip by project zero and Exodus.

In these vulnerabilities affect only peripherals of the device and need one more step to have control over the device. With this exploit, attackers can have full control from the beginning. It, on the other hand, offers a more wide attack surface than wifi, unexplored by the research community and thus carries more vulnerabilities.

Numbers of opportunities are there for hackers in airborne attacks.

  • Spreading through the air makes it more contagious and requires minimum effort.
  • Allows attack to bypass and security measures and remain undetected, as traditional methods are not able to protect from such threats.

These also allow all the hackers to go in secured internal networks that are disconnected from other systems for protection. This can endanger government agencies and critical infrastructure.

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BlueBorne Attack Tutorial

BlueBorne Attack Tutorial
BlueBorne Attack Tutorial – Image Credits: BitVPN

It requires no interaction of the user and is compatible with software versions. It does not require pre-conditions or configuration of the feature to be active. Devices that are enabled with Bluetooth are searching for an incoming connection from any device and not only ones with which they are paired, unlike the common misconception.

This means without the pairing of devices; a connection can be established. This makes it one of the most potent attacks and allows the attacker to strike without being detected.

BlueBorne Tutorial Demonstration

Now, most of the Bluetooth vulnerabilities and security flaws made their way in with issues with the protocol itself in the past and were resolved in version 2.1 back in 2007. All the vulnerabilities found after this were:

  • Low severity.
  • Did not allow execution of remote code.

This was seen as the research community turned somewhere else and did not scrutinize protocol implementations in various platforms as it did with other significant protocols.

Without any doubt, it is quite a complicated protocol to implement and makes it prone to two types of vulnerabilities:

  • Vendors follow the protocol’s implementation guidelines word for word; if a vulnerability is there in one platform, then it may affect others too. This happened with CVE-2017-8628 and CVE-2017-0783 (windows and Android MiTM) these are twins.
  • In few areas, specs leave much room for interpretation which causes fragmented methods of implementation in different platforms making each to carry a vulnerability of its own.

This is the reason why vulnerabilities that carry Blueborne are based on different implementations of this protocol and are more severe and prevalent than those in previous times. Now we are concerned that the vulnerabilities we have found may be just the tip of the iceberg and that distinct implementations of the protocol on other platforms may carry some additional vulnerabilities.

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How to Secure Devices Against BlueBorne

BlueBorne Exploit

Keep one thing in mind that vulnerabilities that spread through air cause a tremendous threat to any individual or organization out there. The current security measures include:

  • Endpoint protection.
  • Mobile data management.
  • Network security solutions.

These are not designed to identify such attacks and related vulnerabilities and exploits as they have their focus on blocking attacks that can spread through IP connections. You can also follow a removal guide which uses a total to remove it from your device or network.

Some new solutions are required to address the new borne attack vector, especially the ones that are making air gapping irrelevant. Moreover, more work, attention and research need to be done as new protocols are using consumers and businesses alike. With an increasing number of desktop, mobile and IoT devices, it is quite critical that we are not able to ensure such types of vulnerabilities. In today’s new connected age, this is the prime mission of Armis.

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BlueBorne Affected devices

Now it affects all devices regardless of the version in use. This includes:

  • Android
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Pre-version 10 of ios OS.

To put the long story short all computer systems, mobile phone devices, smart TV or other IoT devices that are running on this OS are endangered with at least one of the eight vulnerabilities.

UPDATE: A new vulnerability labelled “CVE-2020-15802” and called BLURtooth can authenticate with devices running Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0 and hack their authorization keys as The Hacker News reported. This leads to a MITM attack which can compromise your device.

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BlueBorne Free Download For Android and Windows PC

BlueBorne Download for Windows PC

One of the fascinating tools to hit the headlines in the 20th century! Do you know why? According to our small-scale research, about 95% of smartphone devices now have Bluetooth enabled by default. BlueBorne Download for Windows PC and Android is now available for free to get your hands on this exploit.

BlueBorne Download (Android Version)

BlueBorne Download (Windows 10/8/7)


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