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10 Best Raspberry Pi 4 Projects To Try Yourself (2019 Edition)

10 Best Raspberry Pi 4.0 Projects To Try Yourself (2020 Edition)

It is fantastic to see that we have many successful projects of Raspberry Pi 4.0 2020 already. The first Raspberry Pi project was released in...
How to Install Arch Linux in 2020 {Step-by-Step Tutorial}

How to Install Arch Linux in 2020 {Easy Step-by-Step Guide}

Arch Linux is an x86-x64 general-purpose Linux distribution. This is becoming very popular among DIY hardcore and enthusiasts users. This page will show you...
Ping IPv6 in Windows

How to Ping an IPv6 Address in Windows and Linux CLI...

Internet protocol version 6 also known as IPv6. This is introduced to replace IPV4 because of the exhaustion of its addresses. Today we will...

7 Best Linux Courses, Administration, Programming & Training [2020]

More than 20 experts from SecuredYou team have combined an article of the 7 best Linux courses for Programming, Administration, Training and Certification in...
How to Delete a Line in VIM Editor - Vim Line Delete Command 2020

How to Delete a Line in Vim Editor 2020 – Vim...

A powerful text editor that is used in CLI (command line interface) is Vim Text Editor. Linux uses a lot of different configuration files;...
The Metasploit Commands Cheat Sheet 2019

Metasploit Commands List (2020 Updated) – Use Metasploit like a Pro!

Want to use Metasploit Pro Framework or Metasploit Unleashed? Well, you will need to know their commands first!. Below we are sharing with you...

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