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The encryption category covers latest encryption tools and programs. It also includes how to guides on data encryption and file security. Anything related to this topic, you will find here easily.

How to send secure encrypted emails with Gmail Yahoo Outlook

How to Send Encrypted and Secure Emails 2019 – (Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook)

As we all have to communicate with each other or we have to send some information along with some attachments. Then Email or mailing is one of the most secured the...
How to Use AxCrypt for File Encryption and Data Security

How to Use AxCrypt for File Encryption and Data Security (AxCrypt Tutorial)

All of us have sensitive files and data on our PC in some shape or form. This can include photos, videos, passwords, forms and so on. All of this data is...
6 Best Free VPN Services for Torrenting/P2P Anonymously | 2019 Edition

6 Best Free VPN Services for Torrenting and P2P Anonymously in 2019

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are used for numerous reasons. The top reason is to unblock blocked sites in your country. Another reason is for torrenting anonymously. This process involves the...
How Safe is Dropbox? How Secure is Dropbox cloud storage?

How Secure and Safe is Dropbox? How Dropbox protects your private data

We use cloud services all the time and the most popular one we use is cloud storage. There are many providers out there, but Dropbox is the best one of them....